• Classes: 5-7pm Mon, Wed, Fri
  • U Rec Center - Multi-Purpose Gym #1

    Training Schedule

    Club classes are in session during regular Fall and Spring semesters at the University.  There are NO classes over Summer Term, Spring Break, Winter “J” Term, or on Holidays.

    5-6pm  Beginner
    6-7pm  Regular

    5-6pm  Beginner
    6-7pm  Regular

    5-6pm  Beginner
    6-7pm  Regular

    Beginner classes are structured for people with little or no karate experience.
    Regular classes are geared towards students with more experience. Beginners are welcome to attend, but it is faster-paced and less time is spent explaining the basics. New students should attend 3 Beginner classes before taking the Regular classes.


    Classes are held on the second floor of the Rec & Wellness Center (or URC or Rec Center) in Multi-Purpose Room #2, on the East Bank campus. You can change in the locker rooms in the basement level of the Rec Center,  in one of the upstairs bathrooms, or in the storage room of the training room.

    To enter the Rec Center, you will need your access via the Biometric Scanners or with an Affiliate Card.  See the front desk of the Rec Center for Affiliate Card availability and cost.

    Membership Rates

    Club dues are $40 per semester or $70 for a full year, for both students and non-students. Dues can be paid to one of the club officers after class. Half-semester rates are available to students joining the club late in the semester, or are otherwise unable to attend the full semester.  Consult one of the Club officers about partial rates.

    Non-students and anyone not paying student service fees, will need to purchase an Affiliate Card to access the Rec Center. See the Rec Center front desk for details and cost.


    The white uniform worn by karate students is called a Gi (gee, with a hard ‘g’). Gis are lightweight cotton, tied on the inside with drawstrings. You don’t need a uniform prior to joining the club. A gi can be obtained once you decide to join. Wearing a uniform from a different martial art style may be acceptable, depending on the type of uniform. If you are coming into the club for the free first lesson, just wear comfortable exercise clothing.

    Beginning students can purchase a high quality uniform for $30 (it includes a white belt.) Let a club member know your hight in inches and weight in pounds and we can arrange to have a gi for you to purchase at the next class. Additional uniforms and belts are also available through the club at reasonable wholesale rates. We have a good understanding of available product and we can make sure you get the right size and type of uniform.