• Classes: 5-7pm Mon, Wed, Fri
  • U Rec Center - Multi-Purpose Gym #1

    Welcome to the University of Minnesota Karate Club!

    The Club is devoted to the study of Traditional Japanese karate, for self-defense, fitness, sport, and fun! Our members receive some of the highest quality Shotokan instruction in the nation, from instructors with decades of experience, and at reasonable membership rates. We offer classes three days a week, with difficulty levels aimed at complete beginners up to karateka with years of training. While primarily instructional, the club also competes in several intercollegiate tournaments throughout the year, including our own annually hosted UMN Invitational Karate Tournament. The club also engages in many social events throughout the year, including picnics, dinners, bowling nights, and road trips to tournaments.

    Interested in joining, but not sure if karate is right for you? Come in for practice and see what it’s all about! Your first day of practice is free, and you may join at any point in the semester.  No prior martial arts experience is necessary to train with us! Just show up for class wearing some comfortable exercise clothing, and avoid wearing watches, bracelets, and other jewelry. A uniform can be purchased later if you decide to join.

    Everyone is welcome to join the karate club – undergrads, graduate students, alumni, and faculty! Members train at the club for many of their own reasons and benefits, such as to…

    • Stay Fit
    • Improved Balance, Coordination & Flexibility
    • Gain Physical Confidence
    • Practice a Traditional Art Form
    • Learn Practical Self Defense Skills
    • Compete Collegially
    • Make New Friends

    Shotokan is one of five traditional styles of Japanese karate. Shotokan is a fighting system consisting of basic kicks and punches which harness the entire body mass to deliver a strike, in a balanced and efficient manner. Learning traditional karate means learning a new way to move, with muscle control and awareness, and not simply the geometric positions of the “techniques”. Shotokan has evolved from its roots in Okinawa and import to Japan to be a non-contact martial art, meaning there is much less risk for injury. Participants are required to learn a fine degree of control over their strikes.

    Founded in 1967 by Master Robert Fusaro, the Club is one of the oldest existing sport student groups at the University. The club is a student-run organization registered under the Student Activities Office, and is also a member of the Sports Clubs program. Students may test for rank at the Club at the end of each semester.